The smart Trick of kaal bhairav mantra That Nobody is Discussing

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कलयं तमशेषं भृतजनदेशं नृत्य सुरेशं वीरेशम् ।भज भज भूतेशं प्रकट महेशं श्रीभैरववेषं कष्टहरम् ।। Kaal Bhairav aids from the Charge of one particular's ego. He's kind and easily bestows wealth and fortune on his believers. Lord Kaal Bhairav protects Each and every Shakti Peeth. Lord Kaal Bhairava's talents are https://vashikaran14456.rimmablog.com/25120978/the-smart-trick-of-kaal-bhairav-mantra-that-no-one-is-discussing


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